Sunday, 25 February 2007

Ambient Music

Here's a poem I wrote some time back. In the post God's Flute I wrote about Elgar hearing his music in nature. This is about the music I hear in nature. On writing the previous post, I realised that it resonated very much with this poem & much the same thoughts must have given rise to it. Order out of chaos again?

Ambient Music

As if


Had assembled
A random orchestra
And placed me in the empty hall,
I hear music ..

In the woodwind of birdsong
The distant dissonance of a sheep bleat
The cadence of rain coming down,
The drone of a van going up hill
Briefly broken
By the leisurely
of a gear change.

And deep rest comes
Not in sleep
But in deeply awake ...
When the boring voices inside
Churning the same questions
About life and stuff
Have laid off,
The answers are all here

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